Shiso Tree Cafe

Enjoyed a nice lunch at this quiet J-Town cafe. A fusion of Japanese flavors incorporated into pasta, fries and dessert - skeptical about this combination but was pleasantly surprised. A good spot for lunch or afternoon snack.

Okonomiyaki Fries ($8)
Definitely good for fries lovers! The fries taste like New York Fries fries with some potato skin left on and I like the sauce and Japanese mayo. Could use more bonito flakes though.

Nori Fries ($6)
I like this one too 'cause you can taste the subtle wafu dressing and seaweed flavor in the fries and it's bit oilier than the okonomiyaki fries.

Soup of the day (potato) with crispy croutons ($4 or $3 w the pasta on weekends)
Homemade soup in a mug~ how cute.

Shoyu Mushroom Wafu (和風) Pasta ($11)
This was surprisingly good. The pasta was al dente and the combination of sweet shoyu (soy sauce), nori and three types of mushrooms (enoki, king oyster) was flavorful and light. The garlic bread was lightly toasted. I'm glad we shared this amongst the three of us 'cause the fries was really filling.

The pastas are quite pricey (around $11-$20). They don't have lunch menu on weekends, but on weekdays you can get a combo with pasta, soup, salad and dessert.

Overall, the fries were my favorite!

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  1. I tried both the Okonomiyaki Fries and Shoyu & Mushroom Wafu Pasta and I didn't like them at all. My fries were overcooked and hard, I really wanted to like them but I just couldn't. I also found the pasta to be really salty and had a strong wine taste. I was so disappointed...

  2. I like the Japanese style pasta there too~
    But have never tried the fries, Maybe next time will share with friends.