Richmond Station

details in the glassware/plating / decor / can't go wrong w raw oysters & raw beef

I’ve been wanting to try Richmond Station ever since I saw polenta fries on the menu.. too bad it was no longer on the menu when I went a few weeks ago but nonetheless it was a great dining experience.
I had imagined a very dim lit place but when I walked in it was brighter than expected (natural light from the glass entrance), yet still cozy. White walls, dark tables and chairs, with more seating at the back. We sat at the bar with a view of the wine selection. Absolutely love the style of this restaurant – simple, trendy, sophisticated. I adore the glass water bottles, the beautiful wood serving plates and small white plates which the servers change after each dish. Service was excellent. The two servers were so friendly and attentive, always filled our water and introduced the dishes, not pretentious and not always pestering.
We started with oysters, pretty good, forgot the name. Didn’t really like the deep fried scallop, couldn’t taste the scallop. I’m a fan of raw beef and usually order carpaccio but beef tartar was the special that night. It was good, mixed with egg, arugula and homemade hickory sticks. Halibut was thick white fish, a bit overcooked.
Overall food was okay but definitely love the ambiance and service!

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