Banh Mi Boys

392 Queen West

I finally tried Banh Mi Boys last week! I don't even like banh mi, but Banh Mi Boys definitely takes the meaning of the cold Vietnamese sandwich to a whole other level, throwing in other Asian influences as well.

By recommendation, we got the Kalbi Banh Mi - the kalbi was so good, I love the flavor, texture and cut of the beef. It went well with the baguette, cold toppings and medium hot sauce.

Pork Belly Bao (left) - I love this soft bun with a touch of sweetness! While the pork belly was not as soft or fatty/melt-in-you-mouth as I imagined, the flavor of the pork was good (a bit burnt on the edges) and paired with the cucumber, carrots, radish(?) and cilantro.

Beef Cheek Bao (right) - the beef cheek is sort of like Taiwanese beef brisket. It was good but definitely I like pork belly was better in terms of overall flavor and how it tied together with other ingredients as a whole.

Kimchi Fries - I'm a huge fries addict..and I dug right into this! The fries are so good and hot (temperature wise) on the inside!!  A slight crisp with some skin left on. Paired well with the mayo and green onions.. There's also pulled pork and cold spicy kimchi.

Our filling & flavorful meal :D Total bill: ~$20 My favorite was the kalbi, the bao, and the kimchi fries. I will be back to try the Kalbi Taco~

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