Aka Teppan

After all these years, a Pepper Lunch inspired restaurant has finally made its way to Markham. Within a week of opening, news traveled fast - everyone must be Pepper Lunch fans! So I made my way here with dad and sis on a Thursday night. We waited for almost an hour for a table - it was packed. While waiting, I thought the white / grey decor looked oddly familiar and turns out I was right - same tables as Dessert Kitchen!

I ordered the Supreme Beef Rice. At first bite, of course it's sizzling hot with peppery taste and I was pleasantly surprised that the sauce was hidden in the middle. But later on, I realized the beef had no taste, only saved a bit by the sweet corn. For $0.50 you can add extra toppings like garlic chips, green onion, corn, cheese, etc. I would suggest them to give more sauce, such as garlic soy sauce, sweet honey sauce, or even hot sauce, or maybe season the beef a bit? As my sister said, for the signature dish, this wasn't memorable enough.

Duck Breast Spaghetti in Tom Yum Sauce
Tried a bit of the Duck Breast Spaghetti in Tom Yum Sauce. I like the creaminess of the sauce, but it was too spicy for me. Now this was more flavorful and special, but probably oily/heavy to finish myself.

For pasta teppan, they have a variety of sauces (cream, tomato, spicy, curry) and protein (chicken, salmon, seafood), as well as topping additions (egg for $1).

Chef's Special Chicken Wings
Cut in half like Greyhound Cafe, these were crispy with a slight sweet honey flavor, but it wasn't spicy. Good :)


Magic Noodle 大塊樹

After badminton, we were in the area to try this lanzhou noodle place (兰州拉麵 ) for dinner on Saturday. There was a wait but luckily seated quickly. I was already disappointed by the rude service but the food made up for it. 

*Cash Only*

Sliced Noodle ~ Braised Pork
Wow, the pork is super flavorful. Not sure what spices, it's good but at the same time sort of tastes like the pork is spoiled (?) Broth is also flavorful albeit oily. Noodles are short, thick, chewy and doughy. To my surprise, I liked this more than my own order of hand pulled noodles!

Hand Pulled Noodle ~ Beef Broth, Beef Brisket
Noodles are cooked just right, flavorful broth with hint of parsley, but there weren't many pieces of beef brisket.


Khao San Road

Made my way to Khao San Road with sis and friend on a Wednesday night. By 5:45, it was already packed and super loud! Interesting decor - it's not traditional Thai at all; industrial feel with grey walls and wood tables, servers without uniform.

Thai Iced Tea
Not as sweet as I expected. Thick and creamy condensed milk~ highly addictive and huge portion, couldn't finish.

Squash Fritters
Super crispy without being oily, but couldn't taste squash.

Beef Khao Soi
I like the slightly sweet golden curry. Egg noodles are the flat type similar to the Chinese type, beef brisket was a bit tough for the larger pieces. Eat the crispy noodles before they get soggy.. but either way not a fan of them.

Massaman Curry ~ chicken, potatoes, onion, peanuts
The server described this as a sour curry - and it was indeed sour. The peanuts were whole, instead of crushed as I'd expected. Chicken was tender. Personally not a fan - I prefer green/red curry with more coconut milk taste but wanted to try something new. (haha - server described Penang as 'dry', this as 'sour', and red/green  as 'same but different colors')

Verdict: food didn't live up to its hype for me, but cool vibe.

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